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Strengths are distinguished from other kinds of strengths, such as skills or talents. Whereas strengths are assumed to come natural to a person, skills are learned through training or experience.  

Athough every person has certain signature strengths, it is argued that most people are not truly aware of the strengths they possess. It is suggested that a person cannot only possess strengths, but also enhance his or her own strengths as well as develop new ones. 

Research has suggested that strengths use is linked to higher levels of well-being, strengths estrangement is assumed to be accompanied by experiences of unspecified unhappiness. Further, as strengths are suggested to reflect people’s individual and true core and allow them to be their best selves a state of unhappiness appears to be the logic consequence when not living in accordance with one’s strengths.  

Strengths as described by: Industry Professionals (Jones-Smith, 2011; Niemiec, 2013, Linley, 2008) (Biswas-Diener, Kashdan, & Minhas, 2011). 

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