Meet Allie

Allie Jorgensen is a Best Selling Author - Founder and CEO of Strength Thru Music (Musicians Network) - CEO of an International Music Magazine - Time Management Specialist - Founder and CEO of Time Management Solution -which teaches and supports Emotional Health Awareness, Time Management and Life Management for Music Industry Professionals. Allie created this program exclusively for Musicians and people in the Music Industry after she lost a dear friend in the Music Industry to suicide.  

Allie's passion is to empower people to achieve optimum Emotional Health Awareness and Work / Life / Health and Emotional Balance in their lives. Allie has worked with various organizations such as Rockers Against Cancer Society, Los Angeles Music Awards, Loudwire Music Awards, Century Media Records, Nuclear Blast Records, Napalm Records, Cleopatra Records and Universal Music Group.  

As a Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Time Management Specialist and Certified Life Coach and Trainer, Allie’s research and training in Neuroscience has enabled her to create a powerful, proven and effective Time and Life Management system that she uses in her own life as well as the lives of her clients. Allie has been featured on the cover of Pulse Magazine and also featured on the television talk show, Actors Entertainment, in Hollywood, CA.  

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